25. April 2017

Carina Krause

Gallery Weekend Berlin 2017

Bernhard Johannes Blume’s drawings are a part of his oeuvre that have received surprisingly little attention so far. Whereas the photographic works, created with his wife Anna, received worldwide recognition, the mostly small-format works on paper have been denied a larger audience.

The drawings are in no way inferior to Blume’s works in other media in terms of astuteness and inventiveness. Philosophy and clever wit find expression in motifs and picture titles, which often themselves become an integral part of the depiction. Portraits, vases and religious symbols belong to the recurring pictorial motifs that, despite their familiarity, seem fresh and mysterious.

With spontaneous strokes, Blume self-confidently gives us an insight into his immediate world of thought. His firm, clear lines leave no trace of hesitation or doubt. Self-confidence is also evident in the choice of materials used: coloured chalk, pencil and felt-tip pen on paper, often of inferior quality. This sense for pragmatic materials connects him with artists of Fluxus, Minimal and Concept Art, among others.

In our exhibition we mainly show works from the 1970s and 1980s. An accompanying publication, Bernhard Johannes Blume: Zeichnungen 1971–1980, will be published by Salon-Verlag.


Bernhard Johannes Blume: Zeichnungen 1964–1990 can be viewed from 28 April to 16 June 2017 in our rooms at Fasanenstraße 15, 10623 Berlin. Extended until 8 July 2017!